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Expedition Belize

Xunantunich “Stone Woman” is one of the most popular sites for both international and local tourists. It is easily accessible by the George Price Highway (formally the Western Highway), across the Macal river on a hand cranked ferry, then up another paved road to the welcome center. The road and site are well maintained and beautifully landscaped. As you walk along to the site the guides will point out local trees used for cooking and medicine, there are many opportunities to see tropical birds, flowers and other wild life as you explore the site. This is one of the larger sites uncovered so far in Belize. This ruin got it’s name after it’s discovery and was named for the ghost of a woman whom many claim to have seen roaming the site. She is apparently dressed all in white and has fire red eyes that glow in the darkness. She appears at the base of El Castillo, climbs the stairs and disappears into the stone wall. Archaeologists have supposed that a large earthquake may have the Mayans to abandon the area as signs of this have been found in the debris of El Castillo.